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Bear Bait Ultra

The sold out Bear Bait Ultra took place January 13th offering 25k, 50k, and 50 mile option. It was a cold windy morning this year, but once moving you didn't notice the temps, and the wind only hit you in the few open areas the route has. This was our first ultra so we chose to do the 25k. The race route is a 4 mile loop, each loop ending at a picnic pavilion where you can hydrate, eat, change out gear. Although the race was sold out, it never felt packed on the trail. Everyone was very friendly and courteous as you passed them, or they passed us. Saying good job or a quick hello. The race director and volunteers were great. I always like when a race keeps their facebook page updated, and helps fuel the excitement leading up to the race. They placed funny signs along the route making it fun to read, even if we almost fell a few times looking at them vs the ground.

Our take aways from the race. We should have ran trails more to work on picking up our feet. We should have added time to each of our long runs vs following the miles it told us to do. The plan was for all long runs to take place on a trail which we didn't do most of the time. Trail running takes longer than road running, so adding time would have helped us not be so tired as we got further into the run. As we grew tired the more we would trip, and my 2nd crash to the ground wasn't a fun one.

Our take away from the race was an awesome shirt, a custom made medal that we love, a nice looking race sticker, and great quality time running together on a "hot date run." We would recommend this race to anyone who wants to trail run. It's close by, is run so well, and everyone was super friendly.

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